About Firstclick Productions

Photography is a miraculous art of portraying feelings and moments in a still picture. We capture memories that pulls your heart string, the ones that make you feel nostalgic. Since ages photography has been an intense profession, from black and white era and kodak reel camera’s to fully professional one clicks DSLR’s we have come a long way. We believe in weaving your precious moments spent together into a everlasting memory.

We are a team of passionate and professional photographers who love telling stories from camera. We are expertized in every type of photography like wedding and pre wedding photography shoot, portfolio shoot, bridal shoot, food photography, architecture photography and occasional photography. We are a team of free style photographers who assure quality and memory in every click. We are also specialized in cinematography and videography.

Wedding photography is very challenging type of photography, it requires technical skills to capture your life most precious moments.it is very important to hire a good wedding photographer because these memories are cherished lifelong.Our first click production team have versatile photographers who are specialized in contemporary wedding photography.

First click production is available for every occasional photography, whether it be birthdays or family functions we capture all moments in our camera for you. We have versatile photographers who are expertized in every type of photography. We are committed to provide quality and happiness to our customers.

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We Make It Personal

When you work with us, you can count on personalized, one-on-one service every step of the way. We earn your trust by being responsive, intuitive and honest. We earn your respect by delivering on time and on budget.

We Stand by Our Values

We care deeply about the people we serve and the products we create. It stems from a set of uncompromising brand values that guide us in everything we do. It’s why we believe in people-first design, working collaboratively, and sweating the details.

Our Clients Are Happy

Nothing gives us greater pride than seeing our clients delighted with the work we’ve done together. Our case studies are solid proof of all the different ways we’ve transformed the way people collaborate, work, and succeed.

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